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Stacknote is an application that can create long sentences by stacking short sentences like a chat application. It makes your writing surprisingly efficient.


Stack Cards

In Stacknote, you can stack blocks and build a document. That's just like a chat app's UI. That's blocks are called card. This idea is came from author's habit of taking notes in chat app and github issues's comment area.


Cards in a note are Sortable.

Unfurling Links

Like Slack, Twitter, Facebook etc, when you create a card containing links, simple previews are added. (There are some urls stacknote couldn't get site information)

Other Features


In cards, you can write in GitHub-flavored Markdown with inline code syntax highlightings.

Syntax Highlighting

In a markdown code block, automatically language is detected and code is highlighted.

Cloud Upload

Only for a paid user, all notes are stored at the cloud. So you can get these on multiple devices.


Free (Local Storage)

Premium (Cloud Storage)


This is a beta version. So I need your help. If you have any questions or requests using the app, please contact us on the forum. Please create an issue on the Github page below. (日本語版フォーラムはこちら)


For requests and bug reports, please create an issue on the Github page above. The creator's Twitter account is here. If you have a problem related to your account, please send an email.
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